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Canned Air

Although canned air can be very useful, it should never be used to blow into a Laser Printer, Copier or Fax Machine to remove loose toner or dust. Doing so, could result in an unnecessary service call. Toner and dust that normally lay inside the units causing no problems can be blown onto the mirrors, lens or into the laser unit causing print problems.


Printer is on and shows "Ready" but won't print 

This is a condition that often occurs in offices on a Monday morning. It can be caused by storms, power interruptions or voltage drops. Before calling for service, turn the printer off at the switch, (if equipped with a switch) unplug the printer and wait one full minute before plugging it back in and turning on. In some cases you may have to reboot the computer then repeat the steps above.


Light print from your Laser Printer

This can also be a Monday morning condition. You leave the office only to find out the next day that your printer prints light and half tones barely show or are non-existent. Check that your "“Toner Saver” Mode" has not been turned on. This will cause light print and loss of half tones.


Copier and Laser Printer Fusing Roller Cleaning Procedure

Most of the newer Laser printers and digital, laser based Copiers now have a built in fuser roller cleaning procedure. If you are not running this procedure, you could be headed for trouble. The procedure should be run every time you replace the toner cartridge. Consult the Owners Manual for instructions on running it, or contact us and we will fax the instructions to you. We can not over stress the importance of running the Cleaning Procedure!


You make a copy from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and there are lines down the page

When making a copy using the ADF, there are lines down the page but when you put the same document on the glass (not using ADF), the copy is fine, no lines at all. If you open the top where you would normally place a document on the glass, you will notice a small section of glass as wide as the document glass but only about a 1/2 - 3/4 inch long. That is the ADF glass and there is a speck of dirt or ink on it. The smallest speck of black ink or dirt on it will cause a line all the way down any copies made using the ADF. Solution: Consult your manual as to how to clean the glass.



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